Q.What surface is acceptable to set an A Fresh Start dumpster on?
A.Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel that is hard packed is always the best surface. We can set the dumpster on grass if requested; however we are not responsible for any damages ensued.
Q.Are any Items Not Allowed in the Dumpsters?
A.Hazardous Materials are NOT Allowed in the Dumpster. Examples are:

- Paint (Unless dried and hard)
- Paint Thinner
- Gas
- Oil (Hydraulic/Transmission/Engine etc)
- Antifreeze
- Batteries
- Propane Tanks
Q.Will a Dumpster damage my driveway?
A.Some homeowners worry about concrete cracking or brickwork damage. Here at A Fresh Start, we want to put your worries to rest. If we place a dumpster in a residential driveway, A Fresh Start places wood boards underneath the container to spread the weight out evenly and provide a cushion between the dumpster and the driveway. This ensures, that the dumpster does not come in contact with the driveway or damage the driveway.
Q.How full can I load the dumpster?
A.Dumpsters can only be loaded to the top. A Fresh Start tarps all loads to ensure that we do not lose anything on the roadway. An overloaded dumpster may have items piled over the top, preventing a tarp from covering the load. In this case, we will not pick up the dumpster and a dry run charge will be applied. We always recommend asking us if the load is questionable.
Q.Can a Dumpster be delivered same day or next day?
A.Planning ahead is always the best practice when ordering a dumpster; however at times we understand last minute orders do occur. If dumpsters are available, A Fresh Start will alway attempt to deliver the dumpsters asap depending on availability. Please call if you do not see a dumpster availability for the date you need it delivered.
Q.How long can I keep the dumpster?
A.Dumpster are provided for 3 days. If additional time is needed, a convenience fee of $10 per day will be charged with a maximum of 30 days. A Fresh Start will work with you if additional time is needed.
Q.Do I need a permit to have a dumpster delivered?
A.Most times permit's are not needed when the dumpster is placed in a residential yard or in the roadway in front of the property. It is always best to ask your HOA if they have any rules governing dumpsters.
Q.What size dumpsters are available?
A.We currently offer 12 yard and 15 yard dumpsters. If larger dumpster are needed, we can provide additional dumpsters. (15x2=30) Note: 20 yard dumpsters will be available February 2023.
Q.Can I put Tires in the Dumpster?
A.Tires must be disclosed by text or calling our office prior to any being put in the dumpster. Instructions will be provided and must be followed.
Q.What is the best method to fill the dumpster?
A.All dumpsters have doors in the back that allow you to walk into the dumpster. We recommend putting larger items in first and filling the remaining space with the smaller items. Breaking down unusable items will save space and allow more to be placed into the dumpster. Please feel free to ask our staff for any further instructions.
Q.Do I need to be on scene when the dumpster is being delivered?
A.A Fresh Start can deliver the dumpster without anyone being home or on site, as long as we have been provided with instructions on where to place the dumpster. Photo's will be sent prior to our truck leaving the scene.
We love setting up at parks but most parks do NOT have electricity. If you want to set up at a park, you must rent a generator. We rent generators at a reasonable cost. Also, parks are first come, first serve so get your spot early in the day.
Please check out our policies page for details.
Yes all orders require a $50 Credit Card deposit. The are fully refundable if you cancel your order at least 8 days prior to your rental date. If you cancel between 2-7 days prior to your rental you will be given a rain check that is good for 1 year.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 123-123-1234

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